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The volatile cryptocurrencies market, that scared the most conservatives, is becoming a strong digital tendency all around the world. In general, we can assure that this new negotiation method brings efficiency and innovation to the economic market.

In the last few days, we have been observing a great oscillation in the digital assets world. A part of the currencies has been going through a strong decay, others have been growing and going through heights. The next resistances are already speculated for each currency, guiding investors to safer and a little more safely and a little less predictable.

Some cryptocurrencies are already established on the market while others are still going through introductory processes and access to possible investors. Among other currencies qualified for investments, Bitcoin is ahead, being the most valuable currency on the market in a while.

1. Bitcoin:
Bitcoin was responsible for introducing the cryptoeconomy to the public and new technologies from this sector to society. Besides presenting low scalability problems, going through an extreme saturation moment on the market and being a value inconsistency target, it is still worth investing. For those who want to invest, with low risk, BTC is the perfect option for now.

2. Litecoin:
Litecoin is considered like a BTC’s “younger sister and may be worth the investment. LTC guarantees a faster transaction and has grown a lot in the last two years and still among the 10 most valuable market’s currency. This currency has a low-risk investment, although it went through a historical height. Investors fear its lack of innovation and for the low possibility of growth from now on.

3. Ripple:
The market’s second most valuable currency, Ripple, has a great price for those who think about investing in some institutions that already accept XRP as a payment method. There is no great expansion prevision fos this asset, but even though it has been well accepted in the general economy. Its evolving is linked directly with great banks, MoneyGram for example (that has recently announced a partneship between the company and the asset). There a few users that complain about the currency not being so decentralized, although its developers are already searching for a way to solve this problem.

4. Mindexcoin:
Among these currencies worthy of investments, Mindexcoin is a capable and complete opition that, besides being a satisfactory asset, has its own wallet (Mindexwallet) and transaction platform (Mindexpay). MIC can already be found in the world’s greatest exchanges for purchases and sales. This currency is developed by Intergalaxy SA and has adapted itself to the market’s needs. This asset is a complete project, with a system that has all the necessary platforms in the crypto’s world.

5. Ethereum
Talking about cryptocurrencies that may have investment success, we can’t forget about Ethereum. It is the third most valuable currency on the market. It grew a lot after its creation in 2015, with more than 12 million pre-mined currencies. ETH grew 13.000%, being 2018’s best investment. It went through a fall a few weeks back, just like the other assets, but the problem is already being solved with a new PoW/PoS (Proof of Work / Proof of Stake) system. This investment’s risk is very low, and the currency gives great confidence for those who are entering the trading market and is afraid of entering a great risk in the beginning.

The trading in the crypto’s universe is very risky, but it shows solutions for the world’s economic system problems and makes a great revolution among the financial and technological sectors. For the next days, the prediction is a growth in the number of users entering this world and investing in growing digital currencies.