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The new market’s stablecoin has been in talks. The digital currency Libra, which was developed by Facebook developers, has been in discussions about its insertion on the financial sector and its reactions.

Some regulatory organs, as for an example in the US, Russia, and France are showing a great worry about the new asset and what it might bring with it. A few entities are opposed to the currency and do not seek to adopt the asset. Other investors and speculators show great confidence in Libra, considering that the currency is supposed to have a high centralization.

There also are the people who defend the cryptocurrency, having in mind that it may be an important adoption tool for other cryptoassets. Bitcoin is a great example, knowing that Libra may raise the number of new investors for BTC.

BitMEX’s CEO, Arthur Hayes, assures that Libra may destroy central and commercial banks. The currency may take away the central bank’s power and bring it to Libra Consortium.

About Bitcoin, Libra’s collateral attention may help the first currency’s price and its general acceptation. According to Ryan Waldoch, Libra will probably allow its users and investors to be more inclined to use BTC as a P2P payment platform, while the world’s market uncertainties make its users use Bitcoin as a reserve of values.

It is not sure yet what are the market’s and the crypto’s sector’s next steps, although, it is certain that there will be changes in the economic universe in the next months.