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Ledger Announces Completion of the Nano X Pre-Order Stage, Now Available for General Sale

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger announced the completion of the pre-order stage for its Nano X wallet and users can now purchase the wallet from their official store.

French-based cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer, Ledger revealed that the Ledger Nano X wallet had left its pre-order stage.

This latest development comes less than two weeks after the company announced the shipment of the first genesis block editions of the new hardware wallet. The wallet is now available to buy at its official store with immediate shipping.

Ledger Nano X Pre-order Stage Completed
Ledger is excited at the completion of the pre-order phase of its latest cryptocurrency hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano X. The company revealed this newest development in a tweet that said: “We’re extremely excited and proud to announce that the Ledger Nano X has left its pre-order stage!”

The completion of the pre-order stage signals the beginning of its general public sale, and Ledger added that its customers can now purchase the new wallet from its official store. This latest development comes nearly 2 weeks after Ledger announced that the first batch of its Nano X wallet had left its warehouse and would be shipped to the buyers.

Ledger expressed confidence that shipment for other pre-orders would be carried out in the coming weeks and the wallet should hit store shelves by May 27.

May 28 shows that the company has kept up with its timeline. The Ledger fan base was excited about this latest development as the comments on its Twitter thread indicates that customers are looking to purchase the new hardware wallet.

The new wallet is a Bluetooth enabled secure device, with excellent security protocols to ensure that private keys and users funds are kept safe at all times. It also has other quality features such as its support for a wide-range of cryptocurrencies and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which allows users to connect their wallets to Android and iOS mobile devices without a cable.

The Ledger Nano X also has a mobile app that allows users to manage their crypto accounts and transactions on the go. Although it is designed to support wireless Bluetooth connections with mobile devices, Ledger also kept the traditional cable and USB connection options for those that prefer these methods.