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Police close several cryptocurrency ATMs in Russia

At the same time the cryptocurrencies technology  and the Blockchain system come getting many updates and come being accepted around the world, some countries still stand against the digital actives and theirs technologies. In the last week in Russia, the locals cops seized up 22 ATM which was selling cryptocurrency.  

Every ATM was operated by Bbfpro and were located at malls, restaurants and stores in nine differents russian cities, the russian RBC station said, mentioning the Digital Rights Center’s lawyer, Sarkis Darbinyan.

In a different interview to russian media, the Bbfpro manager, Artem Bedarev, affirmed that did not have any warning from the russian authorities before the represion, watching out the investigation will keep for at least more six months. The machines won’t be return to Bbfpro while the investigation has been in progress.

The operation was commanded by Attorney General, acting to the requested of the Russia Central Bank (RCB), said a government agent that there’s ways of locals communication. A RCB officer, that didn’t want to comment about the ATM seize up, watched out the government that agency make “systematic work to identify and combat the illegal activities in the financial market”, specially because there’s a great chance to be made transfers of  uncontrolled cross-border funds and withdrawals involving cryptocurrencies.

Already, the Darbinyan lawyer pointed up that the Russian Federation currents laws don’t prohibe the citizens to get cryptocurrency. Bbfpro, however, watched up every legal formalities, paying their taxes and verifying the identity of yours customers even without the government authorization.  

The Bbfpro plan to resort the seize up operation, according with the lawyer. In your website, Bbfpro informed that yours machines supports purchase of cryptocurrency as BTC. The company works with Exmo Exchange, offering technical support to ATM.  

According Bbfpro, the installation of a terminal costs 155.000 rublos (US $ 2.300). They charge 1% over the registered income, what it’s considerably less than others ATMs cryptographics in others countries. For example, in Malta, the ATM’s operators charge not less than 8% in each transaction.