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South Korean Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bithumb Launches Crypto Perpetual Futures Trading

South Korean leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, has announced the launch of a global exchange service (Bithumb Global). The services will provide investors and traders with multiple fiat currency trading pairs. In addition, perpetual futures trading, with leverage up to 100x will also be provided.

Bithumb Global Service is in its Beta Stage
Bithumb Global is currently in its beta testing phase and users are only allows to trade perpetual futures with test money.
In this test stage, users can adjust their leverage to 100x. It also offers a responsive environment where traders can implement trading strategies on leveraged trades. All these features will be available fully once the service goes live.

To celebrate the launch of the global service, for a limited time, users of the platform will have the chance of earning up to $90 in BUSD by completing KYC steps and participating in perpetual trading.
Furthermore, active users will be present with the opportunity to participate in exclusive airdrop events.

A representative from Bithumb Global stated that:

“We are expanding into U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and 10 additional jurisdictions. Our service will include cryptocurrency exchanges, security token offerings, blockchain based project incubation, and ultimately culminating into a technology-driven tech fin, financial service institution.”

The Bithumb brand has been in operation since 2018. The Bithumb DEX, a decentralized exchange in H.K, was launched in October 2018. Also, a platform called ORTUS, which is an OTC desk catering to institutional clients was founded in February 2019.

The launch of a global exchange service is expected to put the Bithumb brand on the map and aid its continuous growth.