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The altcoins are in constant growth in the cryptocurrencies’ market, and there is a special one that surprised this week reaching the biggest volume of negotiation in 24 hours: Mindexcoin.
Mindexcoin is a cryptocurrency that had its first ICO round on 2017. CoinMarketCap revealed that MIC reached the third position as the asset with the biggest volume of negotiation in 24 hours, reaching a mark of 714% increase. By analyzing the asset’s statistics on the current market, it is possible to see that the ROI (Return of Investment), reached a positive mark of 1,452.20%.
On 06/06, MIC got to a record of transactions, overcoming US$1,400,000 dollars in only one day. The cryptocurrency’s developers predict a solid future with an even bigger flow since it will also provide a service called MindexPay. The investors that have this service will not only have another asset in their wallets but also a viable currency to make payments.
Mindex made the following publication:
“Take this moment to purchase your MIC’s!
On the last week, we were able to contemplate Mindexcoin’s growth. By following its circulation on CoinMarketCap, we registered a record in only 24 hours. The volume of the transactions registered went over $1,400,000 dollars!”
This positive review and the news of its payment system project shows a great acceptance of this altcoin in the market. The MIC negotiation is currently made on IDAX and it will soon be on one of the top 5 most important exchanges in the market.
According to the Mindexcoin team statement at Medium, the project is walking towards becoming one of the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. There are many new altcoins that are achieving even more space on the cryptocurrencies’ world, and MIC is constantly in this race to achieve its space.