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With Bitcoin’s fast rise, other cryptocurrencies are being taken up as well. 2019 has been a year of highs for the cryptos sector, however, some currencies are falling in recent months.

Most of the currencies that performed well are small-cap tokens (market capitalization below $1 billion). These currencies have seen strong gains in the last six months.

The cryptocurrencies Waves, Stratis, 0x, Ziliqa and Stelar had the worst performance in 2019.

The Blockchain Waves system recorded a growth of almost 400% at the end of 2018, which may have led to its fall from this current one. Although Waves is one of the fifty best currencies by market capitalization, there was a devaluation of this 40% crypto.

Since its launch date in 2016, the digital currency Stratis has valued more than 6,000%. However, since the beginning of 2019 STRAT’s performance has declined considerably, posting a loss of 17%.

Not all assets that underperformed necessarily suffered losses. This was the case with the 0x, which appreciated 5% in relation to dollar, showing the smallest positive growth among all major currencies. Its gains were modest, showing a certain drop in recent times.

Zilliqa has lost 11% of its value since early 2019 and the token price dropped from US$ 0.019417 to US$ 0.017171. This currency was very successful in 2018, being classified among 70 cryptocurrencies with greater market value, but it went to rest in 2019.

In 12th place, among the main cryptos of the market is Stellar, which has dropped by 2.4% since the beginning of the year. In relation to BTC its performance was even worse, falling 69%. This stagnation of XLM surprised everyone considering the latest developments.

Unlike these falling currencies, there have been currencies with high growth rates this year. Among them, we can mention EDUcare, ChainLink, Clipper Coin, Qubitica and altcoin Egretia.

EDUCare was launched in early 2018 in the midst of a high market, losing more than 99% of its value in the rest of 2018. However, since the turn of the year, the platform has once again skyrocketed. Its price has risen and EKT has gained 1.567% since January 2019.

The cryptocurrency that was chosen by Google as provider oracle blockchain rising more than 10x, and growing 1,416%. We are talking about the active ChainLink, which has had incredible success since June 2019. Since the announcement that LINK would be added to Coinbase, the value of the asset almost tripled.

By 2018, Clipper Coin was launched, promising financial services to the blockchain platform. One of these services is the development of a standardized classification system for ICO launches providing objective project evaluations. Even with the evolution of the ICOs to the IEOs, the growth of CCCX did not stop and rose 2,905%.

At the end of 2018 also occurred the launch of altcoin Qubitica, which devalued until the turn of the year. Despite this, the currency had the highest all-time high on June 26th. In 2019 QBIT registered growth of 1,487%.

Egretia is still little known in the cryptos scene, but it is already reaching the top in the market. The EGT was the best performance of 2019 and since January 2019 has been growing more and more. The asset went from US$ 0.000342, and reached US$ 0.053200, growing 15,455%.

Of course, the crypto-market is quite volatile, but there are trends in this sector that investors and speculators sniff on to know what the next resistance of the currencies used and capitalized might be.