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The year of 2017 was the beginning of the race for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s peak (reaching almost US$ 20 thousand) and various blockchain projects coming up.

Now in 2018 occurred what the market calls of “crypto winter”, for it was the moment where BTC’s value begun to fall. This fall almost took the whole digital asset’s market with it, and at the end of the year, BTC was worth a little more than US$ 3 thousand.

In 2019 the investors and enthusiasts of the crypto asset’s sector was reanimated while the asset’s value doubled since January – although the ICO’s market was declared dead by the Wall Street Journal, after aggressive regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

With time, much changed in the crypto market: the venture capital’s investments fell and the investments profile also changed. In the beginning, the investors and companies focused on the possibilities of using bitcoin as a payment method, but after that the blockchain began to be applied in other services and areas.

Currently, the companies that receive most of the investment are the ones that work with the “token economy”. This term is used for the idea of creating digital assets that may serve as a payment method and may be exchanged by a product or used as investments.

The fall of the business which involved great companies was another point that marked the last years. There were few agreements on the sector 2019. If this situation extends, this year may end with a 36% fall, compared to 2018.

ICOs also stayed behind of the investments by the corporate venture, for four trimesters straight. In 2019’s second trimester, the ICOs gathered US$ 48 million, against US$ 174 million of traditional investments in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network.

This market’s future is still clouded, but there are possible grows and new projects in the sector from now on.