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Walmart begins sell Bitcoin Candy in theirs stores in USA

Walmart, giant retail located in Arkansas, between one of the biggest retail of United States and in the world, started to sell Bitcoin in your shelves. However, these Bitcoins are made from the chocolate and cover in a gold foil wrapper.  

The candies are shown in the grocery store’s shelves and look a lot with coins that are sell traditionally in St Patrick’s Day. It’s just the coins owner peel the foil gold and expose a delicious chocolate instead of a truly cryptocurrency decentralized.

Although the real Bitcoin actually has been negotiate about of US$7.000 in this Wednesday (September 5th), Walmart is selling these Bitcoins everyday for only $1. Besides that, instead of the real Bitcoin, the chocolate’s cryptocurrency probably are not keep in a fixed supply, the price don’t change and you don’t need to go through a identification verification process to buy some.

Walmart knows that the sale of Bitcoin candy results in a great display of cryptocurrency for yours customers. Collectively, Walmart is visited by 270 million customers per week in more than 11,700 stores in 28 countries.



A shared image on Reddit shows Chocolate Bitcoins on one of the top shelves on the market. This shows that Walmart is really wanting to highlight the news. But Walmart has some more serious ambitions around Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency.

Walmart has filed several patents about Blockchain in recent months, with the latest patent filing featuring a system for “autonomous electronic devices,” or robots, that can drive package delivery.

Most of Walmart’s blockchain patents turns around the supply chain, which is an industry that could be revolutionized thanks to blockchain’s immutable accounting technology.